Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home sick...again

Currently home sick with little O. This year she has had chicken pox, hand fot and mouth, 7 ear infections, and (now) croup in the summer. Is the rumor true that this is all money in the immune system bank? I sure hope so!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

17 Weeks

It's been a busy week with this little man!  Had second visit with the nutritionist to help me manage my sugars, a check up with the perinatologist to get med review, and regular OB appointment.  Whew!  The nutritionist was, as always, only minimally helpful and really just about getting through the mandated steps to get the GDM covered.  She was a nice person, but offered only one piece of helpful info -- a list of good snacks that I can use to help plan my days.  So far, I haven't had the time to review it, but I will for ideas to shake up my ritual of living off of Luna protein bars when I tank at the office.

Perinatologist was a great visit.  The little man is doing wonderfully and measuring right on track.  Over 6 oz now and 5 inches from the top of his head to rump.  Hard to believe he's so big already.  They couldn't see much by way of diagnostic on this scan, but we'll know a lot more at the anatomy scan on July 2nd.  MomMom is going to that one.  My little present to her.  She's so excited.  The doc started me back on insulin again -- 10 u of NPH in the evening and no more metformin.  So far, it's kind of controlling my fasting, but my 2+ readings are through the roof.  This will take a little time to dial in.

OB was a good visit yesterday.  I'm still having miserable headaches, but he has nothing else to offer that will help beyond the firocet.  At least that helps.  Baby's heartbeat was easy to find, moving up in my belly, and nice and strong.  I love hearing it.  Next visit not for another 4-weeks...excellent!  Hopefully we'll spread some of these appointments out while we can.  The third trimester is going to be a cluster of visits that I'm already not looking forward to. 

I'm starting to feel nesty.  And by nesty, I mean completely panicked that our house is out of order and not ready for another child.  Because it isn't!  Michael is going to start work on the big girl room, but the project is a huge one and I doubt it will go as quickly as he predicts.  The basement is a wreck and we kind of need some order down there so I can find things like hand-me-downs, toys, and Christmas decorations.  And I have not prepared a single thing for the new baby because I don't have anyplace to put it.  I need that back room to be done soon!  Sigh.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Yesterday, Olivia learned -- no, embraced -- the word NO. 

It came out of nowhere and now it litters every interaction.  No means no.  No means yes.  No means I have no idea how to say what I really mean so no.

She wants to talk.  She desperately wants to talk, babbling phrases and inflections all day long.  Even her teachers noticed a change this week.  She's trying so hard.  So I guess this is frustration gap filler until those neurons line up and we can understand what comes out of her mouth.  Oy.

In other news, my headache marathon continues.  I wake with it, drag through the day with it, and lay down at night with it.  The OB didn't mind filling the Fiorocet prescription to help kick it, but I haven't had a moment to go pick up the script.  Until then, I squint in pain at the monitor and wonder how much longer until I can take another Tylenol.  I forgot how lousy this was last time!