Friday, June 1, 2012

Yesterday, Olivia learned -- no, embraced -- the word NO. 

It came out of nowhere and now it litters every interaction.  No means no.  No means yes.  No means I have no idea how to say what I really mean so no.

She wants to talk.  She desperately wants to talk, babbling phrases and inflections all day long.  Even her teachers noticed a change this week.  She's trying so hard.  So I guess this is frustration gap filler until those neurons line up and we can understand what comes out of her mouth.  Oy.

In other news, my headache marathon continues.  I wake with it, drag through the day with it, and lay down at night with it.  The OB didn't mind filling the Fiorocet prescription to help kick it, but I haven't had a moment to go pick up the script.  Until then, I squint in pain at the monitor and wonder how much longer until I can take another Tylenol.  I forgot how lousy this was last time!

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