Monday, February 25, 2013

Olivia, February

I need to be better about documenting my happiness, as well as my pain.  When things are good, I stray from writing because I'm so busy soaking it up.  Then I forget what it feels like later.  And I don't ever want to forget these moments.  As a quote I recently read states so well, "in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace."

You rarely stop moving.  Once you're out of bed in the morning, the kinetic energy is nonstop.  Except for when Little Einsteins are on.

It's so nice to be able to have a conversation with you now.  You know so many words!  The other day, out of the blue, you told me upon picking you up at school that you were "happy to see me."  Melted my heart.

You've picked up on this idea of friends.  You know you have new friends at school.  And you know when there are no friends around.  Yesterday, you spotted a flock of birds and commented on how many there were.  Then you spotted a lone bird apart from the group.  "No friends, Mommy.  Birdy no friends."

You were sick as a dog this month, but never complained.  You suffered through hours of nebulizer treatments, doctor visits, and gross antibiotic meds.  Not one complaint. 

You're addicted to Little Einsteins.  It's at clinical proportions.

Your favorite foods include avocado, hummus, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, milk, apple juice (if you can convince us to give you some), ice cubes, and popcorn.  Popcorn is easily your absolute favorite food ever amen thankyouverymuch.  I adore that one afternoon you woke from nap and said "Mommy, Movie, Popcorn."  My job here is done.

You love to hop.  And squat.  And run.  And spin.  Oh girl, do you spin!  There are days when we're astonished at how you continue to do all of these things nonstop for hours.  Your energy is as boundless as your smile.

Sometimes, you wake up with the most ridiculous hair.  Picture worthy mops of tangled mess.  I never comb it out or try to make it better.  It's perfect every time.

You capital L...LOVE your brother.  You protect him from your classmates' sticky fingers.  You tell folks all the time about him.  You give him spontaneous hugs and do your best to smother him with kisses.  You have so far not asked us to take him back and give him away.  In fact, all you have for him is love, and lots of it.

Seeing you search for a bottle when your brother is crying makes all those needles, doctor visits, ultrasounds, and that whacky pregnancy worth it.

You're headstrong.  You love the word no and have recently taken up saying "no, SHUT UP," with the incredulous tone of a teenager.  It's adorable and we've been lousy at stopping the trend.

You hate jeans.

One night this month, you woke up frightened by your 5 foot long stuffed puppy you had slept with for months upon months.  It has since been replaced with a 5 foot tall teddy bear and life is good again.

You are a fish.  Every time we take you to the YMCA pool,  you light up.  The smile on your face could be seen from space. 

You are fearless in the water.  You dunk your head under and sputter back to the surface grinning ear to ear.  All you want is to be able to walk in the deep end and you DESPERATELY want this.  You jump without pause off ladders and the pool's edge.  You have yet to learn the rule about "no running."

You like to take your diaper off during nap.  Red duct tape has put an end to that hobby.

You like getting up in your car seat by yourself and are getting much better at brushing your teeth.  You put your laundry away like a champ and help clean up your toys most of the time.

You amaze me.  I rush home to see you every day.  I love you to pieces and beyond.  You're fiery and confident, self assured and kind.  Your laughter is real and honest.  You push boundaries and remember everything.  You are my baby girl.

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  1. Hard to recall the last time I enjoyed reading something as much as this.