Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Projects and Progress

The house is quiet right now.

I find that so incredibly hard to believe that I dare to even type it out loud.  SILENCE.  Wow.

Caden is asleep in his crib after successfully making sure his mobile animals didn't get off track or forget to twirl and topple in circles.  I'm thrilled to have a day that doesn't require me to go to a doctor appointment or grocery store.

Random thoughts have been flitting through my head recently, none of which require their own post, but most of which keep me occupied round the clock.  It's been a happy month so far.  Lots of freedom to control my time around Caden and getting to see friends. I still have some projects I want to get through before heading back to work, but I'm not actually nervous or anxious yet about the transition.  Just maybe a little sad to see my last maternity leave go away.  It's been wonderful to have the time at home to get our house in order in ways that are really hard to do while working full time.

Some stuff that's done:

  • Organized pantry...finally!  Put in some great organizing bins on the shelves to keep my junk in order and those plastic drawer sets underneath.  Just enough space to keep it generally together and make me feel a lot better about knowing where things are for on the fly meals.
  • Cleaned out hall closet.  This has waited forever and a day.  We have more coats then we could possibly need and Olivia has a million hand me downs from her cousins.  It was a mess.  I used a hanging shoe organizer to get the scarves/gloves into order and a hanging sweater holder to get the wraps and Olivia's stuff together. Walmart had some great canvas/wire bins for $5 that is keeping re-gifting stuff together on the shelf.  The closet still has the wire shelving original to the house (which I HATE and have replaced nearly everywhere), but it's just not worth the money or effort to switch it out.  
  • Finished Caden's room.  No really, it took us that long!
  • Enrolled kids in new daycare
  • Took down Christmas (oh good golly that was fun. not.)
Next project:
  • After living here for almost 4 years, I'm finally going to fix my walk-in closet.  It's both about the general lack of efficiency of the room itself (which drives me insane every day), but also about spending some time and energy focusing on my clothing and personal needs.  I have old, barely used clothes in there that don't look good on my body.  I have lots of stuff there need to be purged and things that need to be cherished properly (like the Hermes scarf gifted to me by my sister).  
Still to come:
  • Getting all of our "important papers" filed and into the basement, rather than collecting dust on our dining room table
  • Begin the mini-redecorating of the formal living room, which includes painting, having Michael craft long, beveled shelves for above the piano, and creating a photo display of our favorite images
  • Putting away all the outgrown clothes for both kids
  • Finish flipping my winter clothes and packing up maternity ones for sister
  • Clean up the workout area in the basement for use of treadmill
All of that said, I know it's of little interest to others, but it helps me get my head in order.  It's also really satisfying to feel this energized and capable to tackling longstanding projects while still spending time with Caden.  It's been a nice leave.  Only three more weeks to go!

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