Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Putting my personal crazy to work

I know that people think that I'm crazy.  They also think that I'm way to big to be due so far away, but that's a post for another day.

I am a little crazy, I guess.  I need to do things ahead of time so I don't worry my own head off.  I'm remarkably resilient, when I know that I've done all that I can.  So I often fill my time before big events with stuff.  Lists...tasks...to do's...etc.  It works for me.

Last weekend I did a big freezer meal project.  I had purchased the book Fix, Freeze, Feast and pulled some recipes that seemed interesting and easy, hoofed my way to BJs to spend an incredible amount of money at one checkout (ouch!), and then spent 6 hours in the kitchen cooking. 

In the end, I had aching hips and feet, but about 25 main course dinners ready for when Little Man arrives.  I'm going to do a few more (some simple pastas and batches of tomato sauce), but for now I'm pleased with the result.  The final choices were...

Chicken Curry with Peas -- 3 dinners
Pork Ragout (crockpot) -- 3 large dinners
Royal Thai Chicken Thighs -- 5 dinners
Beef Fajita Setups -- 4 dinners
Beef Barley Soup (crockpot) -- 4 dinners
Mariachi Chicken Rolls (this still needs to be assembled this week) -- 6 dinners

Granted, it was a little early to do the project, but I really wanted to start moving on this and not have it hang over my summer.  It was tons of work, but I actually feel like I'm starting to get close to being ready.  Too soon?  Sure!  But I work at a school and come Labor Day (ha) I will be swamped with more work than I can shake a stick at.  Having our home ready for Little Man in advance is how I'm going to quiet the voices in my head.

Next step is to get Olivia's big girl furniture delivered (tomorrow) and her room set up.  The closet is complete, so it's a matter of just moving over her clothes and starting this whole big-girl-bed transition.  (Fun times!)  Then time to update the nursery.

The other thing knocking around in my head is maybe planning a mini-trip for us before the summer is up.  Something small (just a weekend?) to maybe a lake.  A little retreat for us three before we become four. 

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