Monday, August 27, 2012

Third CHOP visit

Today was our third visit at CHOP and one that I was eagerly anticipating.  Michael didn't join so we could save his vacation days for when we need them more, so I flew solo on this one.

The echo went well -- no change in diagnosis and no surprises.  His truncal valve is developing well, which is a huge relief.  Looks like he is squarely in the type 1 variety with a healthy truncal valve.  Good news.  Dr. Deganhart was pleased and so was I.  I confirmed that we didn't need to quarantine the house after Little Man gets home (i.e., pull Olivia from daycare), which is a huge relief.  She adores daycare and it's the most consistent and sturdy thing for her during these weeks of transition -- the possibility we would need to pull her was not a pretty one.  Another bullet dodged.

Next up was meeting with the psychologist.  It was the first time I met with her and super helpful to talk through how to manage the emotions surrounding all of this and getting questions to the unknown. I came away with some great suggestions for helping to get the support we need from our family and friends, as well as some coping ideas for the weeks to come.  Plus, it's just nice to talk to a mental health professional that actually gets what this all feels like!

Next up with the ultrasound.  It was quick and that felt good.  (It's the longer ones that worry me most!)  Little Man is growing well, measuring in at 55% and 2 pounds 13 ounces.  The placenta (and it's whacky umbilical cord) is very high up in the uterus, blessedly far away from the cervix and all the trouble that could cause.  Another piece of good news!

Right after the ultrasound was done, the OB (Dr. Martinez) and a visiting fellow came in for the consult.  Thanks to an amazing midwife who lives out near us and her input, the team decided that I do not need to move closer to the city after all.  Wahoo!!  Of course, this could always change, but for now I'm safe to stay at home and continue to work all the way up to delivery.  He's going to monitor my sugars, too, and check my insulin doses each week for the duration.

Lastly, the awesome midwife, Karen, and I worked for about an hour to get all my info into the computer and most of the visits planned.  Oh....AND A DELIVERY DATE!!!!  Looks like we do 2 week visits for the next month, then weekly for the last 6 weeks.  It's a lot of time at the hospital, but will be worth it in the end, of course.  Goal now is to get to 11/12/12...our newly scheduled due date!

I'm exhausted.  That's enough update for now.

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