Thursday, September 27, 2012

Plodding along

Feeling a little better this week. 

(Whew...sighs the two people who actually read this blog!)

The emotional wet blanket isn't completely gone, but it's not dictating how my days and nights are.  I am, however, deep in the mire of third-trimester exhaustion.  I TOTALLY forgot how this felt!  Michael reminded me it was the same last time...clearly, I blocked it out.  It's the same as early pregnancy, but with the caveat that it's actually harder to run around and catch up with Olivia nowadays. 

I haven't been to the pool in about a week.  I think I just need to kick myself back into the habit, no matter how tired I am at night and how impossible it feels to get up that early.  It does help and there's not much time left to keep up the habit.

Otherwise, I have much to share on the update front, but not much time to type it all out right now.  We had a marathon day of appointments down at CHOP on Monday, including a tour of the CICU and CCU, as well as the special delivery unit.  Little Man is developing well and growing just right.  He's around 4 pounds 11 ounces right now -- right on target.  We're continuing to manage the insulin/GDM issues, but they're basically under control.  From here on out, I'm visiting weekly for biophysical profiles and echos.  Next week, I'm eager to have our first echo in 5 weeks. 

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