Tuesday, October 16, 2012

By example

I spend some time each day filtering through blog posts.  I have a considerable reader gathered over time.  Some are important, some less so.  Many are about food or gadgets or nonsense.  Most keep me connected to internet friends who are out training.

For the most part, they're easy reads.  But then sometimes I get hit over the head with a sentence or thought that really makes a mark.

I was reading a favorite food blog (of all things) today about the author's mother and her rules of the house.  And one rule struck me.

"Be braver than you think you can be."

I love this advice.  I can see myself saying it to my children, whispering it in their ear when playground tears blur their vision.  Saying it the 100th time when I drop them off at college.  I can feel the weight and importance of that sentiment, to give yourself the credit to be stronger than you think, to have faith in your own offerings.  Yes.  I like that.

But, it wasn't the part that struck me. It was followed by:

"Take my lead."

For some reason, this follow up took my breath away.  Take my lead.  It calls me on the carpet as a parent to live my own best advice.  There's a simplicity there -- no excuses allowed.  It presumes a history of bravery on my part, a habit and example illustrated for my children over time. 

As grown ups, we tend to complicate matters with caveats and excuses.  I do it all the time.  And as valid as these constructs may be, in the end...one just needs to be brave.  Period.  Being brave isn't about facing the easiest moments, the ones without challenges and complications.  It's about facing those fraught with confusion, fear, and the unknown...with grace. 

Take my lead.

Powerful stuff.

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