Friday, October 19, 2012


After another night of unexplained and unproductive discomfort/contractions, I'm officially tired of this.  I know that it's wildly selfish of me and I should be (and am) thanking my lucky stars nothing becomes of these episodes, but they wear on me.  I'M TIRED.  Oy.

Felt really lousy all day yesterday at work.  Very tired all day, regardless of my morning cup of coffee.  Had a lunch meeting in Villanova with a colleague that was very interesting, but drained me even more.  Even though I forgot my insulin shot beforehand, my 2 hr reading from lunch was a remarkably low 78.  I usually don't show numbers like that unless something is going on.  Then the back pain started at work.  Lower back ache for hours.  By the time I got in the car to come home from work: contractions.


Michael was nice enough to take over all the parenting last night so I could lay in bed.  But I was so ridiculously uncomfortable between the tightening belly and the constant back pain.  It just drained me completely.  Thankfully, tylenol helped enough to get me to sleep.

But here we are.  Next morning and I have a whole day of work ahead of me, the back pain is back, and I had my first contraction at 7 AM -- earliest one so far.  Going to slam fluid and already took Tylenol, but I have a board meeting this afternoon where I presenting, so no chance at going home for rest.  Being full term pregnant and a full time working mom is DAMN HARD.

I really don't want to do this, but I wonder if I need to be more realistic about how long I can keep up working full time.  I don't even know what options I might have for these last three weeks, but this is MISERABLE.  So not a happy camper this week.  23 days to go.

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